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#3 Why Should I Bathe My Pet?
If you stood on your head in all of the places where your pet lies down - what do you think your hair would look and feel like after a day, a week, a month?

• Sebum (a waxy oil), is secreted by your pet’s skin, which plays a part in the buildup of dirt – contributing to the development of offensive odors, skin diseases, and bacteria.

• Bathing removes scales, crusts, organisms (fleas, ticks and lice), dander, loose hair and other debris. Regular bathing with the correct formulation will measurably reduce these conditions and prevent human allergic reactions to pets.

Helpful tips (Cont.)

• Dryness and artificial heating are the most common factors associated with “itching”. Moisturizing shampoos, sprays and rinses are very effective in relieving this problem and preventing more serious conditions.

Skin Facts:

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